Laura Beltrán-Rubio

Latin American Fashion Studies | Curating | Consulting

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Laura wearing a hot-pink top by Colombian fashion designer Laura Laurens and jeans by Colombian fashion brand Sinestesia

Hi! I’m Laura Beltrán-Rubio.

I’ve been researching fashion for over a decade and my mission is to tell you everything you want to know about fashion in Abya Yala (often called Latin America).

In general, I am interested in is how fashion helps—and has helped—us constructions and perform our identities. I also aim to uncover the legacies of colonialism in contemporary fashion systems.


As a public-facing scholar, I am fully committed to making academic knowledge and debates available to a general public, which is why I participate actively on social media, write a free, bilingual newsletter on Latinx and Latin American fashion, and share my academic activity. I am also a firm believer that the best fashion designs are rooted on substantial research, so I have been collaborating with designers and brands to support their research within and beyond Latin America.

My publications include written and oral essays, interviews, and conferences in some of the most prestigious fashion studies scholarly outlets, as well as other popular spaces.

I write a bilingual newsletter about fashion, historical and contemporary. It aims to offer more critical perspectives on how we understand—and think about—Latinx and Latin American fashion.

I offer consulting and advisory services centered on research, storytelling, workshops, lectures, and conferences about historic and contemporary fashion, the arts, and culture.

Do you want to work with me? Interview me? Talk casually with me over coffee (or wine)?


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