Join me in the quest for Re/dressing Fashion!

My mission is to open safe spaces for everyone looking to take meaningful actions to create more sustainable, diverse, and socially just fashion practices.

Meet Laura

Laura wearing a hot-pink top by Colombian fashion designer Laura Laurens and jeans by Colombian fashion brand Sinestesia

What I Do

Projects & Services

My mission is to expand the narratives of art and design to create more diverse, equitable, and socially just societies. My passion is to share the diverse histories of art and design with wide-ranging, multilingual audiences. This is why I am so active on social media, share reflections in a monthly newsletter/audioblog, host a podcast, and participate in collaborative research and educational projects. I also work with museums, creatives, and brands to facilitate ethical creative processes founded on profound research.

Writing & Storytelling

I write for scholarly journals, popular media, books, and exhibition catalogs. I also lecture, speak at conferences and symposia, and deliver masterclasses and workshops around the world. I am currently curating a handful of exhibitions in Mexico, Colombia, and the United States.

Redressing Fashion

I am a big proponent of decolonizing the arts, including art history, theory, and criticism. With my podcast, audioblog and book club, I share the diverse histories of fashion with as many people as possible, and facilitate wide-ranging, expansive, and accessible conversations.

Consultancy & Curation

I offer research-driven services aimed at creating more diverse, equitable, and socially just fashion practices. These include research–creation consultancy, storytelling advisory, fashion curation, workshops, lectures, conferences and masterclasses on fashion and the arts.

Fashion Reflections