Fashion Practices

Lotus flower

Lotus flower: being born again. Whether it is in the form of a change in ideology or in accepting past mistakes, this allows us to see the light wherever we thought there was nothing but darkness. A lotus flower means rebirth.

Yesterday, I turned 22. And I decided it was time for a new beginning; a new me. I don’t mean to change who I am, but to establish a new path in my life. A path I always saw as a possibility, but I never actually dared to take. A new path exploring the marvels – and perhaps also the evils – of fashion.

Inspired by all the conversations I have had with my friends in the past month or so, I finally have gathered the courage to take the leap. To explore those dreams I have always tried to hide under my bed. To give it all a try.

And the journey begins here.

This will be my journal, where I’ll explore the role of fashion – academically, personally, maybe even professionally – in my life. And I make a vow I expect to keep until the end: to be as honest as possible. To write, about fashion, from the bottom of my heart.

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