Style Reflections: On Wearing A Princess Gown Every Day

My sister has always been a character, especially when it comes to dress. When she was a little kid, she would hang around our home wearing a bikini, claiming that the perfectly cool weather of Bogota was too hot to wear anything else. She also was one of those kids that obsessed over her Halloween costumes and wore them for months. The most memorable one was of Bella, the Disney princess of Beauty and the Beast. The dress was made in a shiny fabric with golden sequins, and it brought a little crown and shiny plastic heels that matched with it. And I’m pretty sure my sister only stopped wearing it because it fell into pieces after years of use.

From Sneakers To High Heels: Reflection On Wearing Shoes In NYC

I wrote this article originally in Spanish, to be published on Iné

Entre tenis y tacones

Much has been said in the history of fashion about high heels. Not so long ago, in the exhibition “Killer Heels,” at the Brooklyn Museum, over 160 high-heeled shoes, both contemporary and antique, were brought together in order to explore what is considered to be one of the most provocative of fashion accessories.

Style Reflections: Facing Unbearable Heat

summer style flower shirt

In terms of my personal style, one of the most difficult things about moving to New York has been the summer. Some of you might not be aware of this, but living in Colombia doesn’t mean being in over 100ºF temperatures year round and wearing shorts and bikinis all day. If you live in Bogota, the capital city, as I did for over 20 years of my life, you’ll probably be cold most of the time, and you’ll have to bear with a lot of rainy days. This, as you might already imagine, is close to being the exact opposite of summer weather in New York City, where temperatures rise above 86ºF almost everyday, the sun shines stronger than ever, and the humidity is so intense that you even have trouble breathing.

Why I Quit Fast Fashion

I wrote this article for a friend’s blog at the beginning of the year and, for some reason, I haven’t stopped thinking about it lately. The issue of fast fashion and its impact both on the lives of consumers and those of industry workers has been huge, and it is something that I am really interested in. So I decided to bring it back to life, revamp it with a few necessary edits, and share it with you.

A year ago, during orientation week at Parsons, one of my professors my brand new class of 35 graduate students to raise their hands if they had ever bought something at Forever 21. We were all probably too terrified about our first day of class to even be able to raise our hands, so when she saw the dead silence that invaded the room, she said: “Come on! Lingerie for 3 dollars? Who doesn’t buy that?”

Now You're in New York…

New York City

Yesterday marked one year since I arrived in New York. Not for the first time, but definitely in a brand new way: I arrived in New York to stay—for two years, at least.

I took an overnight flight and it was, certainly, one of the most exhausting flights of my life. I’m usually the one that falls asleep before the plane even takes off and most of the times I won’t wake up until we’re about to land, at which point I intend to read the book I always carry with me, and usually manage to go through a few pages on the way back to the ground. But this flight was different. I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep at all, and I most likely couldn’t read a single word either. I was so excited about everything that was coming to my life that my mind couldn’t settle!

11 Things I Learned During My Summer Internship

11 Things I Learned During My Summer Internship

A little over a year ago, when I was just applying to Parsons and seriously considering, for the first time, the idea of becoming a full-time scholar, I talked to one of my best friends’ dad about all the decisions I was trying to make in my life. And although he congratulated me for being so well grounded—something I don’t feel I am even now—he also suggested me to give an opportunity to a “real-life” job—that is, one outside the magical world of academics.

So I did.

During my winter holiday and the first weeks of the spring semester at school, I searched for an internship. This wasn’t an easy process because it meant figuring out something I thought I would like to work on, and then convincing someone of actually hiring me, which was probably the toughest part of it all… Not because I don’t trust in my own capabilities, but because I know there are tons of very well-prepared individuals and because the fact that I’m good at certain things—like researching and spending hours going through the same old book/paper/theory at a time—doesn’t mean I’m particularly appropriate for a certain type of job.

So, after sending what seemed like millions of emails, after being—or more like thinking I was being—super intense following up with people, and after getting a few “no”s, I finally got what I wanted: a part-time internship in a small and creative business for the summer. And then I spent the past few months giving this opportunity to the “real-life” job to conquer my heart, trying to always keep the positive energy I had on the first day—which, as with everything in life, gets harder to achieve with time and as you get used to things—and, more than anything, trying to learn as much as I could. And because I finished my internship last week and left the office one last time—for now, at least—on Friday, feeling accomplished yet a little nostalgic for what I was leaving behind, I decided to sum up the things I learned there.